Hedge Fund Seed Capital Sources

by Richard C Wilson, Hedge Fund Group on January 23, 2011

Here is the bad news about raising capital or securing seeding deals for your new hedge fund…it is very hard, very competitive, and an interative process with 100 steps needed to get it done right.  Starting a hedge fund is technically easy, you can pay $5k to FundForm nowadays and start a hedge fund relatively quickly.  What IS hard is getting a seed capital investment, setting up the operational, trading, and business systems in your hedge fund, and then performing consistently in your portfolio while figuring out who can help you raise capital each quarter.

There are enormous out-sized rewards for those who can make it through, persevere and raise the capital, that is why many of us work in this industry. You get paid for the bacon you bring home, not for the number of gray hairs on your head.

Below is a video that is just 4 minutes long.  It is from a sports related movie, but there is a valuable capital raising lesson in this clip about how you must fight for every inch, work hard for every 1% of progress in raising capital…at the end of 12 months or 36 months of growing your emerging manager those extra few 1% efforts and dedicated focused hard work are going to make THE difference in making it to the next level or not. Watch this video to get exactly what I’m saying:

I hope you enjoyed and benefit from this short message and video clip.  Thanks for joining us, and I will see you again soon,

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